What’s Mouv’K

45 min of cardio exercise and intense pleasure that will free your body and your mind using simple and authentic steps combos, with the proud flair of Afro-Caribbean roots. Mouv’K drives you to express your own style and pushes your limits increasingly further.

Mouv’K concept

Mouv’K band

It aims to provide the participants with a fulfilling experience where the music brings them to exceed their physical expectations.

Mouv’K team

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Join the Mouv’ment !

In order to maintain the Mouv’K classes at a high level, we select the future coaches through training classes…

Basic training

Teach the Mouv’K classes’ basic notions by exploring the philosophy of the concept and the Afro-Caribbean culture.

Basic training course

Become a Mouv’K teacher

Teach the Mouv’K concept, get many advantages

Teacher’s access

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You must have mastered the basic training in order to apply for the license

The Mouv’K licence

Deviens professeur Mouv’K

Enseigne le concept Mouv’K, obtiens de nombreux avantages

Espace professeurs

Deviens professeur Mouv’K

Enseigne le concept Mouv’K, obtiens de nombreux avantages

Espace professeurs

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The best class combining pedagogy, sport and culture. I proposed to my club the concept since 2010, result: an increase of the attendance. One of the strengths of this concept is the cultural dimension. It meets the current demand: health, simplicity and playfulness. Of course you must love Afro-Caribbean culture… But otherwise the Mouv’K teacher will take care of you…
David Fonclaud, Fitness Business Co-Founder
The Mouv’K class is really great, I have the smile from the beginning to the end.
I lost a size by doing on ly Mouv’K classes. Fantastic, as usual. On the other hand, the cardio will eventually kill us (laughs). The music is more than engaging, we definitely must lose 2000 calories !
I tested several times and on average I lost a little more than 800 calories!
It’s an innovative concept that could replace out-of-breath fitness class. It’s just simple and playful music that makes people let go. Mouv’K isn’t a rival to other fitness classes. It is easier and more enjoyable for beginners so more interesting too. It allows you to not follow the commercial system and to be different from the other fitness clubs which all offer the same thing.
Fabien Lafage, Aqualoft Manager
Mouv’K is a course that allows complete escape for 1 hour and a muscle strengthening. While burning calories, it also leads to develop the musical culture: a true sharing!
Prescillia BORCA, Éducateur sportif