Donald trump jr speaks at republican convention »

4/12/2016: « A Trump presidency will be a tremendous boon for working people. He has our backs. »

« I am thrilled that our candidate Donald Trump is taking the lead in getting the Republican Party to embrace a balanced, compassionate, and honest economic policy, » Clinton’s poll numbers are already on the rise.

4/12/2016: « Hillary Clinton’s lack of experience as a woman is scary to me. »

4/12/2016: « Hillary Clinton will lead by example. »

4/13/2016: « We’re going to be able to win the presidency because we have a strong agenda. »

4/13/2016: « I am grateful for the chance to speak to the media. But I am here because this is the election and you have asked for a choice, and I’m going to speak to you. »

4/13/2016: « I believe that my policy proposals are more effective and realistic than that of either of the remaining candidates and the alternative is to continue Obama’s policies. »

4/13/2016: « The great thing about Donald Trump is that he says what so many Americans want to hear and it energizes people. »

4/13/2016: « This election is a vote for the people to stop the status quo, end inequality, and create more opportunit우리카지노y for our middle class. »

4/13/2016: « I don’t believe we should be fighting for the ‘war on women,’ or for gay marriage, or any o우리카지노ther issue that divides us. And I’m so proud that we’ve reached the point where it is easier and more relevant than ever to elect the next President of the United States, Donald Trump. »

4/13/2016: « I have to tell you, some people are saying we don’t know what we don’t know. »

« You should vote for Donald Trump, because as president you can do a lot more for our country, » Clinton said Monday night, just hours before the first presidential카지노 사이트 debate.

The Republican-turned-Democratic candidate, who has yet to concede the race and continues to battle for the party nomination, took his jab on the trail at his competitors, all but two of whom have expressed deep-seated doubts about their ability to defeat his unorthodox candidacy.

« I think Donald Trump has the potential to unify the country, » said Jeb Bush, the former Florida governor who said Tuesday he is considering skipping the first debat