Army piles pressure on militants in north lebanon

ANKARA, December 25 (Euronews) – Turkish military officials say their forces are in action in the northwest of Lebanon region on the Mediterranean Sea, amid reports of Turkish air strikes near the Libyan coast.

Foreign Ministry sources say Turkish jets have conducted raids at various targets in northeastern areas of the province, including at one point close to the border of Libya with Syria.

Two Turkish aircraft dropped bombs in the vicinity of the northern city of Deir al-Zour overnight 더킹 카지노and continued into the early hours of the morning.

Turkey has repeatedly targeted areas near its Syrian border in its air campaign against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) group, including in the coastal area bordering Syria and Libya.

Turkish-led airstrikes have targeted ISIL as it has grown in its power over large swathes of Iraq and Syria. It has been backed by air strikes on Libya, Syria and northern Iraq.

« I am sure there are more Turkish military activities like this coming. That they may bomb on Libyan soil is not too certain yet, » a foreign ministry source told Euronews.

According to the sources, this was the second such operation Turkish jets carried out close to the Libyan coast by the Turkish air force during the past few weeks.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a UK-based monitoring group, on Thursday said Turkish jets carried out three raids against ISIL in the coastal town of Derna and nearby villages.

The organization said two Turkish F-16s and four Su-34 fighters targeted military targets in the area and two jets launched airstrikes on a group of ISIL fighters.

In an attack last week, Turkish F-16s, with support from fighter블랙 잭s from the air forces of the United Arab Emirates, carried out two raids inside the area of al-Rastan, south of Aleppo city.

Turkey claimed earlier this month that the strikes on the Syrian capital of Damascus were based on int양산출장마사지elligence provided by its military.