Interview james hopes:

As an athlete, you learn as much during your entire career as you do during the game. There is no way you can say I know what I’m saying. But I’ve seen some coaches have successful seasons by putting in too much work and doing too little.

danny fay


brian walsh


james hopes:

I’ll miss this coaching and seeing this team win championships. 구미안마 구미출장안마I would like to see coaches like him in the league. But, I am glad this program isn’t around, as it isn’t about winning championship games or anything like that. I would rather have a team that does솔레어 카지노 what it is supposed to do with what is available at the time.

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james hopes:

I think there is no such thing as a bad coach. They just don’t know how to communicate their philosophies well. If they did, then I would be watching games for life!

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james hopes:

I feel for the people in this program who are leaving. I understand why but, it is hard to say why. I know the people leave feeling like they gave their all to this program but, the coaches will be very sad to see it all go.

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