Extended interview with ruslan kogan

On the difference between traditional and modern journalism

When I started in the business, I did it by hand. I didn’t do it by the computer. I did it by talking to customers and helping them. And that’s something that you learn not to do; it’s not what you do. It’s the conversation that happens afterwards, which has to be a dialogue. If a customer is asking you to help solve a problem, then the dialogue needs to be constructive.

My company is also different.

If I didn’t have the time to talk to the customers face to face, I would probably not start my own enterprise. It’s more like a personal relationship: when I would go to a customer and give him or her the problem, I would give them a solution. You learn more from speaking to the customer.

On being a journalist

I’m used to being the outsider. But with this new paradigm, journalism has become a profession, because journalists have to talk to people and find solutions to problems.

I don’t go to my local papers to find a problem. We don’t look into the local market to help customers solve problems. Our business model is to help companies with a technical problem to solve a problem and improve customer satisfaction.

It’s like a partnership, it needs to happen in a way that is beneficial to both parties, because if you don’t work with everyone you’re not benefiting. So if you help with customer satisfaction, you don’t have anything to lose.

At our 코인 카지노newspaper, that is absolutely not the case. In the last six months, we have had many compa빅 카지노nies come to us in the newspaper and say, « What do you think of our proposal? Please introduce us to your team, and if you do it, you get 10 percent of everything we sell. » So I try to take a positive attitude towards this.

I try to say, « You need to be able to work with us. »

I would like to know whether our companies are prepared to hire our journalists to help solve problems. We’re prepared to offer 15 percent of all sales to businesses. This is not our policy. We want to improve relations with each other.

I think the big change that is happening SM 카지노at the moment is that our company is not focused on the traditional route, and we’re not afraid of change. I think this is a big factor in it: I have met so many journalists in Ukraine, and they have this sam