Trump sanders win new hampshire primary with 11% of vote

Sanders’s victory in South Carolina put him in the driving seat for the Democratic presidential nomination, while Hillary Clinton got an even bigger bounce in Iowa.

Sanders leads the race in the Granite State by 9 points, the highest percentage yet in polling there. Clinton’s numbers in that state, though not quite as large as in South Carolina, are larger than they’ve been for months or years.

South Carolina Democratic Chairman Jaime Harrison says he expects Clinton to win.

« [Sander] won the primary in a landslide and we’re in the next several weeks in the fall to determine the next set of contests and we’re going to put every single one of them behind us, » Harrison said Friday night. « He is winning the primary. He’s going to be the Democratic Party nominee. This is not a game. »

Clinton’s win in South Carolina and her victory in Iowa is making her the most popular candidate in the Democratic Party in history, with roughly 54 percent of all Democratic voters holding a favorable view of her, according to an ABC/Washington Post poll released Saturday.

A new poll by the Public Religion Research Institute shows Sanders still leads Clinton among likely Democratic voters in Iowa, which could give Sanders an advantage in the early states of Nevada and New Hampshire, according to ABC’s George Stephanopoulos.

But in Nevada, with its sizable African American population, and among voters not likely to be registered as Democrats, Clinton is still in the lead.

That could change because Sanders has been doing well among African Americans in the state, and they could tip the 더킹카지노scale in Sanders’s favor.

A new Quingospelhitznipiac University poll released on Tuesday showed Sanders leading Clinton by a wide 15-point margin, 46 to 30 per바카라사이트cent, among likely voters in Nevada, which is home to Sanders’s campaign headquarters.

The poll, conducted Friday before the shooting outside the Nevada Democratic precinct on Tuesday, also found that 60 percent of voters surveyed said Clinton did not have the best job handling the economy, although they had not yet decided if that was a negative or positive term.

There are also questions about the health of Sanders’s campaign — including its fundraising, its ability to mobilize its supporters, the size of its donor base and fundraising that could lead to further fundraising deficits as the campaign heads into the final weeks of the race.

Sanders was unable to attend Saturday’s event in Myrtle Beach for some political reasons, according to his campaign. A spokesman also suggested t